heating & cooling

Aalberts integrated piping systems offers the perfect solution for heating and cooling systems, from the smallest (6mm, VSH Super compression) to the largest (DN2600, VSH Shurjoint) diameters. VSH PowerPress also offers a perfect solution for thick-walled pipes, including (balancing) valves with integrated system connections.

In both office buildings and homes, it is important that flow noise and flow resistance are minimal and that a system is properly set up. Due to the design and use of laser welding technology, our fittings have no inner edges, which ensures very low flow resistance. In addition, the compact fittings can be easily insulated, making them economical in use. With Apollo ProFlow balancing valves, installations can be perfectly balanced. The integrated system connections ensure that they connect seamlessly to your chosen piping system.

Our piping systems have their own advantages for each application. VSH Super compression fittings can be mounted, for example, with standard tools. It is not without reason that most central heating boilers in the Netherlands are connected with our compression fittings. VSH XPress, VSH SudoPress and VSH Tectite also offer fast, flexible and reliable piping systems, including valves with integrated system connections. The plastic pipe system VSH MultiPress is also ideally suited for heating and cooling systems. The use of PPSU fittings makes VSH MultiPress ideally suited for use in cooling systems.

VSH Shurjoint has great radial flexibility, which means that compensators and expansion legs in heating and cooling systems can often be omitted or made more compact. Our design service will be happy to support you in calculating expansion and contraction and in finding the right materials.

In addition to couplings and fittings, VSH Shurjoint offers a full range of appendages and accessories, such as butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, suction strainers and filters.

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