natural gas

Aalberts integrated piping systems offers many products for gas installations. From fittings and ball valves to gas connection valves and gas hoses. The VSH XPress and VSH SudoPress gas fittings are clearly recognizable by striking yellow markings and a yellow Visu-Control® and o-ring.

Many VSH Super compression fittings can be used for both water and gas. A series of compression fittings has been developed specifically for the Belgian market, which are provided with a special compression ring and a recognizable conical compression nut. The fittings are provided with the Belgian gas approval KVBG-ARGB.

In addition to fittings, we also have various gas fittings in our range, such as VSH gas ball valves, VSH gas connection valves and gas hose sets.

Our gas products naturally have the necessary national and international approvals, such as Gastec Qa, DVGW-Gas, ÖVGW-Gas, SVGW-Gas and ARGB-KVBG.

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