Aalberts IPS design service

your thinking partner from design to delivery

The Aalberts integrated piping systems range now consists of thousands of products for both thick-walled and thin-walled systems. You can contact us for all your necessary materials for pipe installations, which means you have a single point of contact for all your questions.
However, figuring out which techniques work best for your project can be quite a complicated puzzle. That is why we have set up our Aalberts IPS design service department. She advises you from the engineering phase up to and including the delivery of your project. In addition, our design service provides (on site) training, construction supervision and checks.

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work method
Based on your concept plan, Aalberts IPS design service will look for the most optimal and economical way to achieve this with our products. That plan is then adjusted until you (and your client) are completely satisfied. For example, it may happen that there is an existing situation that requires a commitment, but that the client demands a different solution than we propose. Then of course we go along with that and we compare the different options.


Aalberts IPS design service

A subject that our design service regularly advises on is how to deal with expansion and contraction of pipes due to temperature differences. This is where our expertise lies and we are happy to show you how the expected expansion or contraction can be accommodated. Aalberts IPS design service creates a concept for compensating for changes in length, including calculations and locations of fixed and sliding points.

But also thinking of, for example, transitions from thick-walled connection techniques, such as VSH Shurjoint (groove) and VSH PowerPress (thick-walled press) or transitions from thick-walled systems to, for example, VSH XPress, a thin-walled pre-press system.

In short: Aalberts IPS design service thinks along with you. From design to delivery and not just for parts of systems, but for complete systems.

curious about what our design service can do for your project? We are happy to help you!

Christiaan Hofs
sales engineer