VSH PowerPress

VSH PowerPress is a complete press pipe system with which you can install complete heating, cooling, natural gas, compressed air and sprinkler systems using thick-walled pipes.

The range consists of DW profile press fittings, accessories and tools in the dimensions ½” to 2”. The reducer couplings make it easy to combine thick and thin-walled pipes.

double safety

With the VSH PowerPress system, the quality of the connection is mainly determined by the tool and not by the installer. This significantly reduces the risk of installation errors.

All fittings are equipped with the Leak Before Pressed (LBP) function, which further reduces the risk of installation errors. With the LBP function it is immediately possible to determine during the pressure test which fitting is not pressed.

In addition, all fittings have a Visu-Control® ring that breaks loose from the fitting after pressing. Unpressed fittings are immediately visible, so that fittings no longer need to be marked afterwards. This saves considerable time. Next to he applications it’s very easy to identify the application by the color of the ring: red = water, yellow = gas.

from thick to thin-walled

Expand the system to 104”, by transitioning to VSH Shurjoint. Or connect the system to a thin-walled pipe and combine with VSH XPress or VSH SudoPress. The systems can be seamlessly connected to each other with the special adapter couplings. These have excellent corrosion resistance due to ZnNi coating and are also equipped with LBP function and Visu-Control®.

the most complete thick-walled press system with double safety

• Visu-Control ring and Leak Before Pressed function
• direct recognizability of material and size
• excellent corrosion resistance due to ZnNi coating
• maximum security of the connection due to smart teeth of the stainless steel grip ring
• complete piping system from ½” to 2”
• install with safe and light battery tools
• FM approval on fittings, so suitable for wet sprinkler installations
• ideal to combine with VSH XPress, VSH SudoPress and VSH Shurjoint, among others

technical properties

materials steel with ZnNi coating
o-rings EPDM or HNBR
dimensions ½” – 2”
temperature range -40°C to +135°C for EPDM
-20°C to +70°C for HNBR
max. operating pressure 16 bar for water
5 bar for gas